really old illustrations for a new design of smoking lighters; though I really loved them, the jury didn't, and so they seem to be an useless work. Still I really enjoyed making them: the idea is that of a trip around the world (which is why the slogan is "smoking everywhere"); it was fun to search for photos and documentation about the different places and then try put them into a single drawing. As expected they are all facinating countries :) maybe someday I'll go visit them.



il disegno del biglietto per il compleanno di un mio cuginetto :)


shaolin animation.snake

This is basically a test for me to better understand the movements of hands and arms in this part of the snake technique we've studied on monday. The rough one is probably better... I decided to sketch thumbnails and animate what I learn during shaolin lessions; this in order to fix the technique in mind and practice with drawing the human figure.


the great migration

drawings about the great migration across the Mara river. Someone just thinks gnus are stupid and gawky, and still I really love them; they're powerful and strong, they just run and run, even if they know it's dangerous, beacause they're running towards life; and when you see all these creatures running together you get the impression that nothing and no one can stop them. I find them pretty interesting to draw, I love they're triangular figure and movements.

african sketches

sketches and drawings from my african trip, in september. That was something I'll never forget, wonderful places and people, a lot of colour, a lot of life, and of death too, this is the power of africa. So just take a look to this tour operator because they're something! Africa Wild Truck and join an expedition with them, as for me, I would leave right now! un po' di pubblicità fa sempre bene eh! un abbraccio a Fra, Ste, Shukuru e tutti i matti della spedizione 44! :)


Here are some old sketches from this summer. I've done them studing the animals at the museum and then drawing new poses; I like the bat-eared fox a lot :). Actually, the last one (the chameleon) was alive, and his name is Miguel. It is true that you can really understand something only by drawing it, or at least, it is for me.


Some old sketches of a cowboy forgotten in a block...

Superb Starling expressions

expression studies for the superb starling character.